A House Divided

Author: Robert Whitlow
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
ISBN: 9781401688899
Size: 16.87 MB
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Corbin Gage can stand up to anyone . . . But his own divided house will bring him to his knees. Corbin, a longtime legal champion for the downtrodden, is slowly drinking himself into the grave. His love for “mountain water” has cost him his marriage to the godliest woman he knows, ruined his relationship with his daughter, Roxy, and reduced the business at his small Georgia law firm to a level where he can barely keep the bill collectors at bay. But it isn’t until his son, Ray, threatens to limit Corbin’s time with his grandson that Corbin begins to acknowledge he might have a problem. Despite the mess that surrounds his personal life and against the advice of everyone he knows, Corbin takes on a high-stakes tort case on behalf of two boys who have contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma due to an alleged chemical exposure. The defendant, a fertilizer company, is the largest employer in the area. The lawsuit becomes a tornado that sucks Corbin, Ray, and Roxy into an increasingly deadly vortex. Equally intense pressure within the family threatens to destroy, once and for all, the thin threads that connect them. Corbin must find the strength to stand up to his personal demons. Justice for two dying boys depends on it . . . his family depends on it. “Fans of John Grisham will find much to like here.” —Library Journal of The Confession

House Divided

Author: Ben Williams
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 9781613742020
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First published in 1947, this bestselling historical novel is cherished and remembered as one of the finest retellings of the Civil War saga—America's own War and Peace. In the first hard pinch of the Civil War, five siblings of an established Confederate Virginia family learn that their father is the grandfather of Abraham Lincoln. The family's story, and the story of their descendants, is presented in this tale that includes both soldiers and civilians—complete with their boasting, ambition, and arrogance, but also their patience, valor, and shrewdness. The grandnephew of General James Longstreet, the author brings to life one of the most extraordinary periods in history, and details war as it really is—a disease from which, win or lose, no nation ever completely recovers.

A House Divided

Author: Kimberla Lawson Roby
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781455526079
Size: 18.77 MB
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A HOUSE DIVIDED Life is close to perfect for the Reverend Curtis Black and his wife, Charlotte--except their son Matthew and his girlfriend, Racquel, are about to become parents at the tender age of eighteen. Even though Curtis and Charlotte wish Matthew could focus on Harvard instead of fatherhood, they are determined to welcome their new grandson with open arms. But for Charlotte, welcoming her future in-laws is another story. Try as she might, Charlotte can't stand Racquel's mother, Vanessa--and the feeling appears to be mutual. When the tension between Charlotte and Vanessa finally erupts, the stress sends an already-fragile Racquel into early labor. Everyone is quick to blame Charlotte, including Matthew and Curtis. That her own husband would side with someone else infuriates Charlotte and strains the relationship they've only recently been able to repair. Her one ally is Racquel's father, but that brings problems of its own. While Charlotte schemes against Vanessa, Curtis is consumed with his own concerns about Deliverance Outreach. A mysterious figure from his past has been sending Curtis cryptic messages threatening to take away Curtis's coveted position as senior pastor and destroy everything he has worked so hard for. But who could hate Curtis that much? And how can he fight an enemy he can't even name? Times of trouble are descending upon the Black family in more ways than one. Will they be able to overcome their challenges and stand together against someone who could take it all away? Or is the Black family finally out of miracles?

A House Divided

Author: Donna Hill
Publisher: Dafina
ISBN: 9781496707925
Size: 18.59 MB
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Families always have secrets. And secrets have the power to heal—or hurt. Now beloved author Donna Hill's enthralling novel explores the wrongs we do for the right reasons, and the ways we struggle to reconcile the truth. Journalist Zoie Crawford had to leave New Orleans to finally make her own life. Her grandmother, Claudia, inspired her to follow her dreams—just as her mother, Rose, held on too tight. But with Claudia's passing, Zoie reluctantly returns home, where the past is written in the lonely corners of the bayou and the New South's supercharged corridors of power. And there she discovers a stunning, painstakingly kept secret—one that could skyrocket her career, but destroy another woman’s—and change both their vastly different lives, for better or for much worse. Zoie has always put the truth first. Now, as the line between the personal and professional blurs, and she tries to understand her relatives’ deception, she must face some tough questions. Is there a way to expose the truth and save those you love? And at what cost? Heartfelt, emotional, and revelatory, A House Divided is an unforgettable tale about making the hardest of choices, coming to terms with all you could lose—and finding what forgiveness and family truly mean.

A House Divided

Author: Jonathan Daniel Wells
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781317352341
Size: 14.72 MB
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Consolidating one of the most complex and multi-faceted eras in American History, this new edition of Jonathan Wells’s A House Divided unifies the broad and varied scholarship on the American Civil War. Amassing a variety of research, this accessible and readable text introduces readers to both the war and the Reconstruction period, and how Americans lived during this time of great upheaval in the country's history. Designed for a variety of subjects and teaching styles, this text not only looks at the Civil War from a historical perspective, but also analyzes its ramifications on the United States and American identities through the present day. This second edition has been updated throughout, incorporating new scholarship from recent studies on the Civil War era, and includes additional photographs and maps (now incorporated throughout the text), updated bibliographies, and a supplementary companion website.

A House Divided

Author: John Corley
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 9781617770326
Size: 17.83 MB
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'You all right, Mister?' he repeated. 'You sure don't look so good. Where'd you come from? You 'bout scared the wits out of me.' I didn't know exactly where I was, but I knew damned well I was at least in America. The boy's drawl was music to my ears. It confirmed I was in the Deep South, probably southern Florida or maybe Texas, even though the notion was simply too implausible to take seriously. The whole idea staggered me. I needed to get back and tell Margaret what had happened and that it worked beyond her wildest imagination.After accidentally being propelled back in time to 1859 Virginia, retired Green Beret officer John Kelly is pursued by a merciless assassin from the 20th century. Kelly discovers that the America he served for so long has been taken over by an authoritarian and corrupt administration; and that his, and America's survival, is dependent on convincing an American icon to accept his help in the impending Civil War. But Robert E. Lee, a paragon of virtue, has other ideas about that! Kelly is a man of action but also a man capable of introspection. He is accomplished and competent, but he is also subject to insecurities and self doubt. He knows where he wants to go but often wonders about the journey. With America's fate in his hands, will his actions uniteA House Divided?

A House Divided

Author: Geoffrey W. Sutton
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 9781498224895
Size: 11.37 MB
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A House Divided helps answer the question, how do Christians form moral judgments about sex-linked issues? After analyzing key differences between conservative and progressive Christians on such divisive issues as abortion, sex education, and same-sex marriage, readers will learn how a combination of four factors can lead to principled Christian morality. First, a review of diverse interpretive comments on relevant Scriptures can help identify a foundation for agreement as well as sharpen differences. Second, a review of psychological factors can help identify prejudices, personality traits, and powerful emotions that intensify and color public debate. Third, new research on moral psychology will add six dimensions of analysis to appreciating the reasons conservatives and progressives draw upon when forming moral judgments. And finally, knowledge about sexual attraction, sexual orientation, conception, and sexual health is vital to thinking ethically about the specific issues addressed in this book.