A House Divided

Author: Richard Orr Curry
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre
ISBN: 9780822977513
Size: 15.47 MB
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A thorough investigation of the factors that led to the breakup of the Old Dominion and the emergence of the new state of West Virginia during the Civil War.

A House Divided

Author: Mark Miner
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781477164518
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In the mind of a killer, everything seems normal. In the actions of a killer, everything has a higher reason. In the eyes of a killer, anybody could be next. Matt just wanted a normal, easy life. After ending a relationship with his partner, Matt moves back to his hometown. Albany, Oregon. Matt runs into some old friends and some new friends. But Matt’s new friends are anything but friendly, they’re dead. The body count builds, the truth comes out, and revenge is justified. But who ends up alive at the end?

A House Divided

Author: John Corley
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 9781617770326
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'You all right, Mister?' he repeated. 'You sure don't look so good. Where'd you come from? You 'bout scared the wits out of me.' I didn't know exactly where I was, but I knew damned well I was at least in America. The boy's drawl was music to my ears. It confirmed I was in the Deep South, probably southern Florida or maybe Texas, even though the notion was simply too implausible to take seriously. The whole idea staggered me. I needed to get back and tell Margaret what had happened and that it worked beyond her wildest imagination.After accidentally being propelled back in time to 1859 Virginia, retired Green Beret officer John Kelly is pursued by a merciless assassin from the 20th century. Kelly discovers that the America he served for so long has been taken over by an authoritarian and corrupt administration; and that his, and America's survival, is dependent on convincing an American icon to accept his help in the impending Civil War. But Robert E. Lee, a paragon of virtue, has other ideas about that! Kelly is a man of action but also a man capable of introspection. He is accomplished and competent, but he is also subject to insecurities and self doubt. He knows where he wants to go but often wonders about the journey. With America's fate in his hands, will his actions uniteA House Divided?

A House Divided

Author: Carl Strikwerda
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 9780585114149
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The first book to explore the historical development of Belgian politics, this groundbreaking study of the rivalry between Catholicism, Socialism and nationalism is essential reading for anyone interested in Europe before World War I.

Still A House Divided

Author: Desmond S. King
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400839766
Size: 15.76 MB
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Why have American policies failed to reduce the racial inequalities still pervasive throughout the nation? Has President Barack Obama defined new political approaches to race that might spur unity and progress? Still a House Divided examines the enduring divisions of American racial politics and how these conflicts have been shaped by distinct political alliances and their competing race policies. Combining deep historical knowledge with a detailed exploration of such issues as housing, employment, criminal justice, multiracial census categories, immigration, voting in majority-minority districts, and school vouchers, Desmond King and Rogers Smith assess the significance of President Obama's election to the White House and the prospects for achieving constructive racial policies for America's future. Offering a fresh perspective on the networks of governing institutions, political groups, and political actors that influence the structure of American racial politics, King and Smith identify three distinct periods of opposing racial policy coalitions in American history. The authors investigate how today's alliances pit color-blind and race-conscious approaches against one another, contributing to political polarization and distorted policymaking. Contending that President Obama has so far inadequately confronted partisan divisions over race, the authors call for all sides to recognize the need for a balance of policy measures if America is to ever cease being a nation divided. Presenting a powerful account of American political alliances and their contending racial agendas, Still a House Divided sheds light on a policy path vital to the country's future.