Champion By Choice

Author: Richard “Lucky” Luckman
Publisher: PublishAmerica
ISBN: 9781462600755
Size: 17.62 MB
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Building a life in foster homes and rebelling a few times to be close to a brother and then a sister led to a life not finishing high school, of care-free money and eventually juvenile detention to hard-core prison. Prison, yes! Scary, yes! Yes, to a scrawny kid with no education and no direction. Luckily, while in prison he found the right friends, combining that with a strong will to succeed and the raw energy to try something new. He achieved many goals from a high school diploma to being a world-renowned weightlifter, still holding the US 630# Dead Lift Title. He won every match he attempted, set over forty-five records, and was the only inmate to be flown out of state for a meet in Colorado. While accomplishing these feats in prison, he had to cope with different personalities and temperaments.

Champion Of Choice

Author: Cathleen Miller
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803246836
Size: 11.82 MB
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Not many women can claim to have changed history, but Nafis Sadik set that goal in her youth, and change the world she did. Champion of Choice tells the remarkable story of how Sadik, born into a prominent Indian family in 1929, came to be the world’s foremost advocate for women’s health and reproductive rights, the first female director of a United Nations agency, and “one of the most powerful women in the world” (London Times). An obstetrician, wife, mother, and devout Muslim, Sadik has been a courageous and tireless advocate for women, insisting on discussing the difficult issues that impact their lives: education, contraception, abortion, as well as rape and other forms of violence. After Sadik joined the fledgling UN Population Fund in 1971, her groundbreaking strategy for providing females with education and the tools to control their own fertility has dramatically influenced the global birthrate. This book is the first to examine Sadik’s contribution to history and the unconventional methods she has employed to go head-to-head with world leaders to improve millions of women’s lives. Interspersed between the chapters recounting Sadik’s life are vignettes of females around the globe who represent her campaign against domestic abuse, child marriage, genital mutilation, and other human rights violations. With its insights into the political, religious, and domestic battles that have dominated women’s destinies, Sadik’s life story is as inspirational as it is dramatic.

Champion S Choice

Author: Stephen LaFleur
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781604777284
Size: 17.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Champion's Choice is a combination of psychology, theology, life experience, and common sense, presented in a simple, easy to understand format that guides the reader through a clear and concise understanding of how decisions are made and the processes that create the belief systems for those decisions. Using Gestalt instructional techniques, Champion's Choice lays the groundwork for positive change and enables the reader to "be transformed through the renewing of the mind" as we are instructed in Roman 12: 2. Champion's Choice was created over a period of 20 years by Stephen E. LaFleur. He began working in corrections in 1978 and has served in a variety of mental health and administrative capacities in the federal, state, private sectors, working with adults, juveniles, males and females. He has received national recognition for his work on attachment disorders. LaFleur has served in a variety of executive management positions in insurance, education and the non-profit sector and as a management consultant with the nation's largest management consulting firms. He is a licensed and ordained minister, having served as pastor or other ministry staff positions in Texas and Louisiana. His educational background includes a BA from LeTourneau University, a MA from Liberty University, and a ThD from Slidell Seminary.

Champion S Choice

Author: John Roberts Tunis
Publisher: Sandpiper
ISBN: 0152160744
Size: 13.12 MB
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Recounts a girl's rise to stardom on the tennis courts, the conflicts brought by her sport career, and her eventual retirement in favor of marriage.

How To Be A Parent Champion And Add Magic To Your Family

Author: Alan Wilson
Publisher: Develop Your Child CIC
ISBN: 9780955113024
Size: 17.97 MB
Format: PDF
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Every purchaser has free access to monthly community calls to share challenges, successes and practice new skills as they work through the book. Parent Child Relationships are tricky to understand, and gradual changes in your relationship with your child can go unnoticed. Children's behaviour and attitudes can make parents feel remote and unheard, at a loss to understand their child's performance at school, their child's lack of attention, self-care or respect for others. Desperate to provide the best life chance's for their child, parents are often advised to focus on the child, but the harder the parent tries to help, the harder the child pushes back. As their child grows, a happy family life becomes a more distant memory. Rebellious teenage years may be traditional, but a bad relationship with your teenager is not inevitable. You can be happy and comfortable being a natural parent, seeing your children from a different perspective, capable and confident in meeting challenges. Schools Aware Campaign Alan Wilson's second book How to be a Parent Champion and add magic to your family is the lynchpin of the approach he's bringing to schools, helping them to let parents know there is a way to contribute to improving their child's outlook, that they don't have to rely entirely on the resources of the school to manage behaviour and attitudes to learning and attainment. That perhaps, it isn't necessary for behaviour to attract the attention of specialists before you can improve the attention and behaviour of your child. If you're a parent, teacher or governor and think your school would welcome an approach to explain how we can work together to promote strong parent child relationships as a method for behavioural change, increased engagement and attainment, please contact Alan at [email protected] and he'll prioritise accordingly! It's more than a self-help book because it comes with free ongoing support at http: //

Native Americans In Comic Books

Author: Michael A. Sheyahshe
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9781476600000
Size: 14.66 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This work takes an in-depth look at the world of comic books through the eyes of a Native American reader and offers frank commentary on the medium's cultural representation of the Native American people. It addresses a range of portrayals, from the bloodthirsty barbarians and noble savages of dime novels, to formulaic secondary characters and sidekicks, and, occasionally, protagonists sans paternal white hero, examining how and why Native Americans have been consistently marginalized and misrepresented in comics. Chapters cover early representations of Native Americans in popular culture and newspaper comic strips, the Fenimore Cooper legacy, the "white" Indian, the shaman, revisionist portrayals, and Native American comics from small publishers, among other topics.

Guns Illustrated 2011

Author: Dan Shideler
Publisher: Gun Digest Books
ISBN: 9781440216251
Size: 13.66 MB
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YOUR GO-TO GUIDE FOR GUNS, AMMO & GEAR Get the complete low-down on what's new in the shooting industry with Guns Illustrated 2011. Stuffed with photos and behind-the-scenes peeks at today's hottest guns and gear, Guns Illustrated 2011 is an economical guide to the latest and greatest guns, shooting supplies and accessories. Before you spend another dollar on guns or gear, arm yourself with the facts-with Guns Illustrated 2011! IT'S ALL HERE! Reports from the Field Handguns Rifles Shotguns Ammo Reloading Supplies Optics Airguns Black Powder Informative Articles on Special-Interest Guns Ballistics Tables Manufacturers Directory And more!