Healthcare Hell And Revelations Of A Compelled Black Woman

Author: JB WinSi
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781491740217
Size: 13.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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JB WinSi's life has been filled with love and loss, joy and sorrow, vitality and sickness, and triumph and challenge. In fact, she has so many stories to tell, she couldn't choose just one. That's why she wrote two. "Healthcare Hell" invites readers within the nightmare she faced as a patient and caregiver, and her "Revelations of a Compelled Black Woman" brings you inside her dreams of a better life. The American healthcare system is broken. Too many are trapped without affordable, accessible, or even acceptable care. "Healthcare Hell" explores the tragedies and triumphs of those placed under the healthcare scalpel. JB's love for humanity drew her to work at hospice, where she had a front-row seat to the end-of-life journey and the ways the system failed its patients when they most needed it. And it was her love of justice that inspired her to share her thoughts on a system that needs its own miracle cure. At the many intersections of her life, she's embarked on more than her share of emotional odysseys. In her more reflective "Revelations of a Compelled Black Woman," she shares some of her life's most engaging, disturbing, amusing, and thought-provoking experiences. An award-winning community advocate, she served her fellow man as a volunteer, public speaker, and ordained minister. Despite it all, JB clings to a rock-solid faith that there are still miracles waiting for those who believe. Take heart. Your dreams are calling you forward!

Administration Of Government Contracts

Author: John Cibinic
Publisher: CCH Incorporated
ISBN: 9780808014355
Size: 16.22 MB
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This unbiased analysis of statutes, regulations, and case law clarifies the complex rules of federal procurement policies, explaining the processes that government personnel and contractors must follow in every aspect of government contracting--from inception to completion. Topics include contract administration and personnel, contract interpretation, risk allocation, changes, delays, pricing of adjustments, and much more.

Compelled By Love

Author: Ed Stetzer
Publisher: New Hope Publishers
ISBN: 9781596692275
Size: 19.42 MB
Format: PDF
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Trusted missiologist Ed Stetzer and coauthor and pastor Philip Nation bring missional thinking to everyday believers in Compelled by Love. The 2008-2009 emphasis book for WMU, a million-member missions nonprofit organization, Compelled by Love is a basic theology-and-application platform to help believers understand what missional living is all about--that is, our calling to love others.

The Pacific Reporter

Author: California. Superior Courts
ISBN: UCAL:B4428879
Size: 17.18 MB
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Includes the decisions of the Supreme Courts of California, Colorado, Kansas, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico; Dec. 1890/Mar.1891 -July 1931, Supreme Court of Oklahoma; July/Dec. 1891-Apr./June 1905, Court of Appeals of Colorado; May/Aug. 1895-Apr./June 1901, Courts of Appeals of Kansas; June/Oct. 1905-Oct./Nov. 1926, Courts of Appeal of California; Sept./Dec. 1908-July 1931, Criminal Court of Appeals of Oklahoma; Nov. 1926/Jan. 1927-July 1931, District Courts of Appeal of California; June/July 1930-July 1931, Appellate Dept. of the Superior Court of California