Embouchure Building For French Horn

Author: Joseph Singer
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457452464
Size: 14.36 MB
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This book has been compiled to aid teachers and students in the development of the French Horn embouchure, particularly in the important period following elementary development. It is based upon the theory that, mechanically, nearly all of the problems to be met by the player in the orchestra, band, chamber ensemble, etc., can be covered by a comprehensive daily routine of practice. Various drills have been devised, with no claim to originality, to cope with the various mechanical problems of embouchure with which the player is faced in the field.

The Art Of French Horn Playing

Author: Philip Farkas
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 145740009X
Size: 14.34 MB
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First to be published in the series was The Art of French Horn Playing by Philip Farkas, now Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Music at Indiana University. In 1956, when Summy-Birchard published Farkas's book, he was a solo horn player for the Chicago Symphony and had held similar positions with other orchestras, including the Boston Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, and Kansas City Conservatory, DePaul University, Northwestern University, and Roosevelt University in Chicago. The Art of French Horn Playing set the pattern, and other books in the series soon followed, offering help to students in learning to master their instruments and achieve their goals.

Practical Hints On Playing The French Horn

Author: Alfred Music
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457455064
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Practical Hints is a unique and highly informative series developed to answer the many questions raised by the beginning student as well as the more advanced musician. Designed for individual use, the Practical Hints books cover such vital topics as care and maintenance, reeds and mouthpieces, playing position, embouchure, tuning, tonguing, tone quality, range, and practice methodology. Each book has been written by a nationally known instrumental specialist in collaboration with James D. Ployhar. Serving as a handy and informative guide, an appropriate Practical Hints book should be in every musician's library.

Pottag Hovey Method For French Horn Book I

Author: Max P. Pottag
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457450747
Size: 14.18 MB
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Primary attention was given to the selection of melodies and the writing of exercises which, when properly presented, will develop in the beginning student the most desirable musical habits, particularly in the matters of melodic taste, and instinctive feeling for correct phrasing.