Dancing With Dynamite

Author: Benjamin Dangl
Publisher: AK Press
ISBN: 9781849350464
Size: 11.57 MB
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Grassroots social movements played a major role electing left-leaning governments throughout Latin America. Subsequent relations between these states and "the streets" remain troubled. Contextualizing recent developments historically, Dangl untangles the contradictions of state-focused social change, providing lessons for activists everywhere.

Dancing With Dynamite

Author: Benjamin Dangl
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN: 9781458725301
Size: 19.47 MB
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In the past decade, grassroots social movements played major roles in electing left - leaning governments throughout Latin America, but subsequent relations between the streets and the states remain uneasy. In Dancing with Dynamite, award - winning journalist Benjamin Dangl explores the complex ways these movements have worked with, against, and independently of national governments.From dynamite - wielding miners in Bolivia to the struggles of landless farmers in Brazil and Paraguay, Dangl discusses the dance between movements and states in seven different Latin American countries. Using original research, lively prose, and extensive interviews with workers, farmers, and politicians, he suggests how Latin American social movement strategies could be applied internationally to build a better world now.Ben Dangl breaks the sound barrier, exploding many myths about Latin America that are all - too - often amplified by the corporate media in the United States. Read this much - needed book.'' - Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! Dancing with Dynamite dares to navigate the cloudy waters of Latin American social movements in the wake of the neoliberal wave, something which increasingly fewer thinkers and activists dare to do, but which turns out to be urgent.'' - Ral Zibechi, Uruguayan journalist and author of Dispersing Power; Social Movements as Anti - State Forces Dangl brings complicated politics to life by infusing them with the magic, mystery and unbridled joy that invigorate social movements and permeate Latin American life in general.'' - Kari Lydersen, author of Revolt on Goose Island; The Chicago Factory Takeover and What it Says About the Economic Crisis.

Dancing With Dynamite

Author: Tim Huff
ISBN: 1894860497
Size: 12.55 MB
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In his book Tim Huff has stitched together stories of a radical life of presence and friendship among children, youth and adults facing profound emotional, social, mental, developmental, physical and spiritual challenges. His journey of full-time service, learning, and advocacy for poor, oppressed, misunderstood and marginalized people across Canada, and around the world are powerfully captured in this latest work.

Playing With Dynamite

Author: Leanne Banks
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781459248854
Size: 17.30 MB
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As a demolition expert, Brick Pendleton is used to being in complete control. So he's shaken when his lover extinguishes their explosive affair before he's ready to say goodbye. He's never felt about any woman the way he feels about Lisa Ransom, but that doesn't mean he can give her what she wants most of all: marriage and family. Lisa knew from the start that Brick wasn't looking for a wife, but couldn't stop herself from falling for him anyway. Though the last nine months have been the most passionate of her life, she can't stay in a relationship that's going nowhere. And since the one man she wants isn't interested in committing, Lisa sets out to find a man who is. Brick can't stand the thought of Lisa in another man's arms, and does everything in his power to tempt her back into his. But if he's going to hold on to the only woman he'll ever love, he's going to have to face up to his fears of forever.

Global Entertainment Media A Critical Introduction

Author: Lee Artz
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118955468
Size: 12.59 MB
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Balancing provocative criticism with clear explanations of complex ideas, this student-friendly introduction investigates the crucial role global entertainment media has played in the emergence of transitional capitalism. Examines the influence of global entertainment media on the emergence of transnational capitalism, providing a framework for explaining and understanding world culture as part of changing class relations and media practices Uses action adventure movies to demonstrate the complex relationship between international media political economy, entertainment content, global culture, and cultural hegemony Draws on examples of public and community media in Venezuela and Latin America to illustrate the relations between government policies, media structures, public access to media, and media content Engagingly written with crisp and controversial commentary to both inform and entertain readers Includes student-friendly features such as fully-integrated call out boxes with definitions of terms and concepts, and lists and summaries of transnational entertainment media