English Benedictine Nuns In Exile In The Seventeenth Century

Author: Laurence Lux-Sterritt
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9781526110053
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This study of English Benedictine nuns is based upon a wide variety of original manuscripts, including chronicles, death notices, clerical instructions, texts of spiritual guidance, but also the nuns' own collections of notes. It highlights the tensions between the contemplative ideal and the nuns' personal experiences, illustrating the tensions between theory and practice in the ideal of being dead to the world. It shows how Benedictine convents were both cut-off and enclosed yet very much in touch with the religious and political developments at home, but also proposes a different approach to the history of nuns, with a study of emotions and the senses in the cloister, delving into the textual analysis of the nuns' personal and communal documents to explore aspect of a lived spirituality, when the body which so often hindered the spirit, at times enabled spiritual experience.

The Embodied Word

Author: Nancy Bradley Warren
ISBN: NWU:35556041230301
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"In The Embodied Word, Nancy Bradley Warren expands on the topic of female spirituality, first explored in her book Women of God and Arms, to encompass broad issues of religion, gender, and historical periodization. Through her analyses of the variety of ways in which medieval spirituality was deliberately and actively carried forward to the early modern period, Warren underscores both continuities and revisions that challenge conventional distinctions between medieval and early modern culture. Drawing on the philosophical writings of Stanley Cavell and Karl Morrison, Warren illuminates a number of medieval and early modern texts, including St. Birgitta of Sweden's Revelations, St. Catherine of Siena's Dialogue, Julian of Norwich's Showings, devotional anthologies created by early modern English nuns in exile, the prophetic and autobiographical texts of Anna Trapnel, and the writings of Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza."--BOOK JACKET.

Gender And Politics In Early Modern Europe

Author: C. Walker
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9780230595545
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This timely study analyses the seventeenth-century revival of monasticism by English women who founded convents in France and the Low Countries. Examining the nuns' membership of both the English Catholic community and the continental Catholic Church, it argues that despite strict monastic enclosure and exile, they nevertheless engaged actively in the spiritual and political controversies of their day. The book will add much to our understanding of women's power in early modern Europe, and offer an insight into a previously ignored section of English society.