Healthy Indian Cooking

Author: Shezhad Husain
Publisher: Southwater Pub
ISBN: 1780193394
Size: 12.65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Here are all the best-loved Indian dishes that, with just a few simple changes, you can now enjoy without the fat! A useful introduction gives advice on low-fat cooking and the book is illustrated with 850 clear photographs throughout.

Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Author: Shubhra Ramineni
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 9781462911776
Size: 11.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Bring spice into your kitchen and happiness to your taste buds with this delightful Vegetarian Cookbook. When Shubhra Ramineni became a new mother she wanted to make sure that healthy and delicious food became a part of her daughter's everyday growing up experience. After all, her own mother is a nutritionist and a great Indian cook. So with her mother's help and a wealth of experience in using Indian spices, she set to work to transform the typically bland vegetarian diet into a fantastic menu of nutritious Indian meals and snacks. In Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking, Shubhra shows how easy it is to make healthy and interesting vegetarian food, along with a selection of over vegan and gluten free dishes. Understanding that most of us work full-time, Shubhra has created a cookbook full of delicious, easy-to-make Indian meals and snacks that provide all the nutritional benefits your body (and family) needs. As an added bonus, by eating fresh, locally-grown vegetables you are doing something good for yourself and the planet! With a few Indian spices in your pantry, like turmeric, cardamom and cumin, and a copy of Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking, you can easily whip up flavorful dishes you and your family will love! Delicious Indian recipes include: Split Chickpea and Zucchini Stew Coconut Vegetable Curry with Tofu Yellow Squash Curry Tandoori Tofu Kebabs Vegetable Pilaf Sauteed Potatoes with Cumin Spinach and Fenugreek Fritters And manymore…

Healthy South Indian Cooking

Author: Alamelu Vairavan
ISBN: 0781811899
Size: 18.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With the addition of fifty new easy-to-prepare dishes, "Healthy South Indian Cooking" is back, now totalling 250 recipes. In the famous Chettinad Healthy cooking tradition of Southern India, these foods evoke South Indian forgotten by Chicken Tikka Masala enthusiasts. Mostly vegetarian, these recipes allow home cooks to create such esoteric: dishes as Potato-filled Dosas with Coconut Chutney, Pearl Onion and Tomato Sambhar; Chickpea and Bell Pepper per Poriyal, and Eggplant Masala Curry. Rasams, breads, legumes and payasams are all featured here, as is the exceptional Chettinad Chicken Kolambu, South India's version of the popular vindaloo. Each of these low-fat, low-caloric recipes come with a complete nutritional analysis. Also included are sample menus and innovative suggestions for integrating South Indian dishes into traditional Western meals. A section on the varieties and methods of preparation for dals (a lentil dish that is a staple of this cuisine), a multilingual glossary of spices and ingredients, and 16 pages of colour photographs make this book a clear and concise introduction to the healthy, delicious cooking of South India.

Healthy Indian Cooking

Author: Manisha Kanani
Publisher: Lorenz Books
ISBN: 0754801284
Size: 14.48 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This guide to healthy Indian cooking contains over 150 recipes, illustrated with photographs. Each dish has a nutritional analysis compiled by low fat experts, and an introduction contains the information you need to know before you start.'

Vegan Indian Cooking

Author: Anupy Singla
Publisher: Agate Publishing
ISBN: 9781572847026
Size: 16.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This beautiful follow-up to Anupy Singla's widely praised first cookbook, the Indian Slow Cooker, is a unique guide to preparing favorite recipes from the Indian tradition using entirely vegan ingredients. Featuring more than 50 recipes, and illustrated with color photography throughout, these great recipes are all prepared in healthful versions that use vegan alternatives to rich cream, butter, and meat. The result is a terrific addition to the culinary resources of any cook interested in either vegan or Indian cuisine. Singla--a mother of two, Indian emigre, and former TV news journalist--has a distinctive style and voice that brings alive her passion for easy, authentic Indian food. Some of these recipes were developed by her mother through the years, but many Singla developed herself, including fusion recipes that pull together diverse traditions from across the Indian subcontinent. She shows the busy, harried family that cooking healthy is simple and that cooking Indian is just a matter of understanding a few key spices. As Singla sees it, acquiring and using the proper spices is the key to preparing her healthful recipes at home. Singla has recently brought to market her own line of traditional Indian spice trays (also known as a masala dabba), which is being sold by retail outlets like Williams-Sonoma. Vegan Indian Cooking builds off of Singla's vast expertise in simplifying and perfecting Indian spices and unique, custom spice blends, making delicious Indian cooking accessible to even the most hurried home chef.

Healthy Gourmet Indian Cooking

Author: Arvinda Chauhan
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781403339362
Size: 13.50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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THE GODHEAD begins in 1953, with the assignment of two unlikely heroes to investigate an accusation made by the French governors of Indo-China that an American agency had been shipping arms to the anti-French guerrillas. But the investigation transcends into a quest that includes a foundation for all religious thought and a basis for all human action. The erratic investigation expands across three continents and touches on two separate wars over a period of four years, unraveling a CIA-NSC debacle, which in many ways is reminiscent of the Iran-Contra situation, except on a hugely more pivotal scale. The plot outlines the opposition of the United States to the re-establishment of the French colonial empire, and the results lead to some rather wild questions about our early activities in that part of the world. G-2 does not really intend for these men to discover anything, but they pick the wrong people for this purpose. Sergeant Marion Ramirez Apollo, ex-street fighter and the product of a one-night romance between a married Scottish physics professor and a Mexican-American waitress, is assigned because of his familiarity with the Kumsong region of Korea, where the investigation begins. The lieutenant who accompanies him is the sergeant's opposite: Kim Chau Dao comes from the landlord class in Indo-China and goes along because his father, the Defense Minister under the emperor Bao Dai, is the official who required the investigation. The underlying quest arises from the teachings of Chau's sister, Dao My Linh, a student priest of a Taoist/Buddhist sect of Southeast Asia, the Cao. When assaults by the arms dealers and pressure from the Army begin, this philosophy, the love that develops between her and the Apollo, and the fatal sacrifice of Dao himself, all force Apollo toward a possibly fatal decision. He must stand by himself, even against those who command him, based on this new concept of purpose and sacrifice.

Healthy Indian Recipes Ultimate Cooking Guide

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781479780679
Size: 16.67 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Over 100 Indian recipes for snacks, curries, rice dishes, Indian breads, condiments, desserts and beverages. These are flavoursome, authentic, easy, wholesome and economical recipes with some beneficial food facts and realistic cooking tips- all in one book.