Professional Accounting Essays And Assignments

Author: Miracel Griff
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Professional Accounting Practice Management

Author: Joseph T. Kastantin
ISBN: 0899302904
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With rising competition in the field, independent accountants as well as accounting firms are finding it harder to survive and make a profit. According to the author of this management guide, the difficulty is compounded by the fact that most professional accountants lack training or expertise in managing a practice. Kastantin, an experienced CPA, consultant, and accounting educator, has written a comprehensive manual that will enable accountants to upgrade their practices systematically and develop the human relations competence that is vital to managing a successful practice. The first several chapters discuss the need to accept a basicbusiness orientation through a stated business purpose and to define the size and scope of a practice as well as personal finance goals. The author next considers such basics as liability insurance, employment contracts, and financing methods. A major section of the book is devoted to working relationships with bookkeepers and other staff, partners, bankers, and the Internal Revenue Service. Chapters on client services offer specific guidelines on management concerns relating to auditng, review and compilation, tax practice, management advisory services, and client write-up services. Turning to the question of marketing, the author gives detailed advice on soliciting clients, advertising and the creating of a firm image, and explores the ethical issues involved. he describes the various ways that computers can assist the practitioner in managing a practice. He suggests an organized approach to accounting practice administration and outlines the use of financial statements and break-even analysis in practice management. The final chapter, which includes a case study, deals with business budgeting and sales forecasting as they relate to banking relationships, business management, and personal financial planning. This convenient, logically organized manual is an invaluable resource for the accounting practitioner who wishes to maximize financial return and to develop the kind of well-run practice that can retain clients despite increased competition. It is an appropriate acquistion for the business and accounting collections of academic and public libraries.

Learning By Doing

Author: Dasaratha V. Rama
Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 9781563770081
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This volume is part of a series of 18 monographs on service learning and the academic disciplines. It is designed to (1) develop a theoretical framework for service learning in accounting consistent with the goals identified by accounting educators and the recent efforts toward curriculum reform, and (2) describe specific active learning strategies that are useful and powerful teaching tools. Part 1, "Theoretical Essays on Service-Learning in Accounting," includes: "Service-Learning: An Active-Learning Approach for Accounting Education" (D.V. Rama); "Service-Learning: The Accountants for the Public Interest Perspective" (Wayne G. Bremser); "'What I Do, I Understand': Service-Learning in Accounting Curricula" (William L. Weis); and "Service-Learning in Accounting: A Department Chair's Perspective" (Alfonso R. Oddo). Part 2, "Implementation Approaches," includes: "Service-Learning: A 'Free Enterprise' Model for Accounting Faculty" (Curtis L. DeBerg); "Expanding the Boundaries of Accounting Education through Service-Learning" (Lynn M. Pringle); "Service-Learning in Accounting: A Role for VITA Tax Programs" (Janice Carr); "Tax Assistance Program Provides Service-Learning at Notre Dame and St. Mary's College" (Ken Milani); "Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and the Use of Technology" (Nathan Oestreich, Carol Venable, and Martha Doran); "Service-Learning Project in the Accounting Information Systems Course: Implementation without the Benefit of Hindsight" (Alfred R. Michenzi); "Reaching Our Goals Together in Service-Learning: A Multi-Semester Accounting Information Systems Course Implementation" (Margarita Maria Lenk); "Service-Learning in a Capstone Course" (James W. Woolley); "Teaching Professional Accounting Ethics with Service-Learning" (Susan P. Ravenscroft); "Student Consulting Organizations: An Alternative Approach to Service-Learning" (Timothy S. Mech); and "Service-Learning Projects in Accounting: Implementation Strategies" (D.V. Rama). An Afterword by Paul Locatelli is titled: "Service-Learning in Accounting Education." A 37-item annotated bibliography is included. (All papers include references.) (SM)